søndag den 24. oktober 2010


DM05 - Pagan Youth c10 cassette.
Four songs from the new copenhagen band Pagan Youth. Released with Nordisk Klub. 60 eks

DM04 - #2
drawings, collage, coded text

DM03 - Violent Shit
zine with drawings, plastic surgery disasters, josef fritzl.

movie about a sect who awakes the god of insects. the priest disrespects the insect god and a slaughter begins. by dogmeat productions.

DM01 - " # 1"
zine with drawings, collage, magick.


this is the blog of dogmeat. we release stuff once in a while, and do shows once in a while. the blog will feature info about releases as well as other things.

these are the posters of previous shows:

Video from skurv show:

Video from sexdrome/iceage release show: